Bio-sample procurement and IVDR transition

Date & Time 26 June 2023
Location Virtual Event

Online Seminar | The route to acquire samples from biobanks for biomarker exploitation and their IVDR-compliant market introduction.

Apply for this unique online seminar to learn about the importance of pre-analytics in biomarker discovery, biobank networks for SME’s, and IVDR transition. The online seminar is offered by Integrated Biobank Luxembourg and targets SMEs from North-West Europe and other European regions that develop biomarkers for diagnostics.

The interactive online seminar is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that need access to patient samples for the development of new diagnostics and helps navigate the huge European biobank network BBMRI. In addition, participants will receive information on how to implement the IVDR at the very beginning of the development of new biomarker-based diagnostics in order to safely launch their new products on the European market.

The interactive online seminar is divided into two parts.

  • In Part I, experts from, Strategiqual and IBBL will present strategies for biomarker validation and commercialization that specifically address the needs of SMEs in three presentations.
  • In part II, you will have the opportunity to arrange individual 30 minute 1:1 meetings with our experts from and Strategiqual. Please contact the respective experts after successful registration.


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