REMEDi4ALL – Building a Sustainable European Innovation Platform to Enhance the Repurposing of Medicines for All

Project Acronym REMEDi4ALL
Funding Program HORIZON EUROPE
Budget € 22,561,532.00
Coordinator EATRIS ERIC
Starting-ending date 1 September 2022 – 31 August 2027

REMEDi4ALL aims to establish Europe’s leadership globally in the repurposing of medicines by creating a vibrant community of practice covering all relevant sectors and disciplines. REMEDi4ALL will establish and operate a European research and innovation platform comprising the complete value chain for cutting edge, patient-focused repurposing, collaborating with users to execute high potential projects at any phase of development, upskilling all stakeholder groups through a comprehensive education and training portfolio, and advancing cross-sectoral policy dialogue with all relevant stakeholders and thought leaders. The tools and processes developed assembled in REMEDi4ALL will be validated in a portfolio of 4 ambitious preclinical and clinical phase demonstrators, representing high patient need in a variety of disease areas, including oncology, rare and infectious diseases. 

REMEDi4ALL consortium 

REMEDi4ALL assembles the key players in this ecosystem: drug discovery research and development experts (FRAUNHOFER, UU, FIMM-UH, IRFMN, INT NA, KI, UL); charities and patient representatives (EURORDIS, BEACON); regulators (BfArM are partners, EMA will join the winning consortium, FDA via Critical Path Institute on PB, AEMPS & MHRA on PB, Infarmed Portugal as governing member of EATRIS, CBG/MEB (NL) as collaborator with EATRIS and ZonMw); SMEs (Dompé, Chemotargets, TEAMIT), biomedical research infrastructures (EATRIS, ECRIN), generics manufacturing industry (M4EU), funders (ZonMw, ACF), health economics experts (SRI, plus KCE & Niklas Hedberg on PB), university medical centres (USFD (AP), IOR, UMG, UHULL (AP), SERMAS, plus link to European University Hospital Alliance via KI), to support user projects. 

EATRIS role in the project  

EATRIS is the project coordinator and will have a key role in ensuring that the platform can scale up to meet substantial user demand in the long term. In addition, by leading the activities of quality assurance initiative in WP2, EATRIS will identify sources of irreproducibility and activate the REMEDi4ALL network to exchange knowledge and develop solutions. The project will identify gaps and high demand services, and approach competent third-party providers to join the network via the Stakeholder Forum , including the broad membership of EATRIS (144+ preclinical and clinical research institutes), ECRIN, and other relevant ESFRI infrastructures such as EUOPENSCREEN. This will ensure that the consortium has growing capacity to match demand, and that the available technologies remain cutting edge.