Translational Feasibility Assessment

If you are a non-profit funder of biomedical research, the patient is central to your mission. Supporting the research community in discovering the drivers of disease, and subsequently tackling the challenges of translating those into high-potential therapies is at the heart of what you do. A particularly demanding element of the process is in helping your research community, often from an academic background, understand the feasibility of the therapy they want to develop with your support, including the development challenges that lay ahead, and the potential patient benefit from it.  Assessing, optimising and troubleshooting complex translational research projects requires multi-disciplinary scientific, manufacturing, regulatory, and market expertise that is hard to find and bring together.

The EATRIS Translational Feasibility Assessment offering has been developed to help you with exactly this. By working with you, EATRIS supports your investigators in assessing and optimising the translational feasibility and potential of the projects that you are interested in funding. By providing feedback to you and the investigator on issues such as medical need, market and pipeline overview, regulatory pathway, intellectual property and translational tools, you have more confidence in selecting high-potential projects, and investigators can optimise their plans according to the realities of the development pipeline.


Anton Ussi
Coordination & support office