Sweden became a full member of EATRIS in 2018. Today, ten Swedish institutes are linked to EATRIS contributing with expertise to three EATRIS platforms; biomarkers, imaging & tracers and small molecules. The institutes combine frontline technical expertise with advanced knowledge of translational medicine and molecular bioscience and provide a wide range of services to the EATRIS infrastructure.

The Swedish institutes has already established programs for external collaborations that deals with academia, private companies, organisations, government agencies and other societal institutions. The technologies and expertise provided by the institutes are open for both national and international customers.

The Swedish Coordination Center is located in Uppsala at Uppsala University and involves a National Director, Professor Pontus Aspenström and a National Coordinator, Ulrika Bäckman.

Contact details:
Tel. +46 70 317 10 28
Tel. +46 70 167 94 74

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Chalmers University of Technology

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Drug Discovery and Development Platform - SciLifeLab

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Karolinska Institutet

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KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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Linköping University

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Swedish National Infrastructure for Biological Mass Spectrometry

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University of Gothenburg

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Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR)

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Uppsala University Hospital (Akademiska sjukhuset)

EATRIS Sweden is the recipient of the EATRIS Node Reward

Each year EATRIS awards three nodes with a Node Reward, that signifies their commitment to supporting EATRIS goals. Find out more about other recipents, criteria and more.

Successful genomics symposium with EATRIS Sweden

EATRIS Certificate Of Commitment To Quality awarded to EATRIS Sweden.

This Certificate was signed at the meeting of the EATRIS Board of National Directors in Amsterdam, and handed over to Ulrika Bäckman, National Coordinator of EATRIS Sweden who will deliver it to Uppsala personally.

EATRIS Sweden training seminar in regulatory knowledge

EATRIS Sweden and RegSmart Life Science Consultancy are hosted a free training seminar on regulatory knowledge aimed for researchers/professionals who wish to know more about the development of products in the life sciences.

EATRIS Meets Pontus Aspenström, National Director of EATRIS Sweden

EATRIS Meets is an interview series celebrating the amazing people in our community. EATRIS Sweden National Director Pontus Aspenström has shared his career highlights, EATRIS journey and more.

New biomarker for severe COVID-19 found at Karolinska Institutet, an EATRIS member

Researchers from the Karolinska Institutet have identified metabolic processes that SARS-CoV-2 uses to attack lung tissue. The results, which are published in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, could be used to treat COVID-19, and potentially for other viruses like the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus and HIV-1, say the researchers.


Ulrika Bäckman
National Coordinator of Sweden

Pontus Aspenström

National Director of Sweden
Board of National Directors

Maria Nilsson

Governor of Sweden
Board of Governors

Håkan Billig

Chair of the Board of Governors
Board of Governors