EATRIS Slovenia

Slovenia has joined EATRIS in 2016. At present, the Slovenian arm of EATRIS consists of only one institution: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy, the leading research and higher education institution in the fields of Pharmacy, Clinical Biochemistry, Toxicology and cosmetology in the Region, contributing to Small Molecules EATRIS Platform. 

In addition to their excellence in development and evaluation of small molecules and (bio)analytical methods, Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana has the key insight into other parts of translational medicine; development of biomarkers, cell biology, molecular pharmacology and toxicology, solid form prototype development and advanced drug delivery. 


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University Medical Centre Ljubljana (Dept. of Nuclear Medicine)

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy

EATRIS Slovenia is the recipient of the EATRIS Node Reward

Each year EATRIS awards three nodes with a Node Reward, that signifies their commitment to supporting EATRIS goals. Find out more about other recipents, criteria and more.


Dunja Urbančič
National Coordinator of Slovenia

Irena Mlinaric-Rascan

National Director of Slovenia
Board of National Directors

Albin Kralj

Governor of Slovenia
Board of Governors