EATRIS is a broad community of brilliant people working on amazing projects. To celebrate the people in the EATRIS family, we have launched the ‘EATRIS Meets’ interview series. Click on the tiles below to meet some of the people that make up EATRIS.

Dunja Urbančič

Dunja is the National Coordinator of EATRIS Slovenia. Find out what type of boxing is Dunja's favorite.

Emanuela Oldioni

Emanuela is EATRIS Scientific Programme Manager. Find out which Italian classic Emanuela could recite in her sleep.

Richard Crispin

Richard is a Senior CMC Scientist at SofOx Solutions in Norway and a TMex alumni. Find out what is the connection between Richard and banana costumes.

Toni Andreu

Toni is the EATRIS Scientific Director. Find out what illness flung Toni into the the realm of rare diseases.

Eliis Keidong

Eliis is our EU Project Manager at EATRIS C&S. Find out what exotic creatures she tried in Thailand and Japan in the hunt for tastes around the world.

Florence Bietrix

Florence is our Head of Operations. Read here where she would not want to run a marathon.

Pontus Aspenström

Pontus is our National Director for Sweden. Read here how he feels about his most recent hobby - playing the piano.

Piret Baur

Piret is our Communications Manager. Find out which country with the population of 1.3 million she calls home.

Alex Gardiol

Alex is EATRIS Senior Science and Business Strategy Developer. Find out more about her love for the open sea.

Marta Marin

Find out more about how Marta is helping Spanish research institutions collaborate, and who Ginger & Pepper are.

Iris Egner

Iris is our National Coordinator of Luxembourg. Find out more about her love of horse cart driving.

Rosan Kreeftmeijer-Vegter

Rosan is our Scientific and Education Manager. Find out what balances her at the end of the day.

Courtney Stewart-Ferguson

Courtney is our Team Assistant & IT Coordinator. Read more about his road from London to Translational Medicine.

Nigel Wagstaff

Nigel is our Innovation Advisor. Find out what kind of diagnostic he relates to the most.