OSCARS – Open Science Clusters’ Action for Research and Society

Project Acronym OSCARS
Funding Program HORIZON Europe
Budget € 24,998,586.25
Coordinator Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique CNRS (CNRS-LAPP)
Website https://oscars-project.eu/
Project duration: 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2027

The “O.S.C.A.R.S. – Open Science Clusters’ Action for Research and Society” project brings together ESFRI and other world-class Research Infrastructures (RIs) across the following five “Science Clusters”: 

  1. ENVRI-FAIR (environmental science) 
  2. EOSC-Life (life science) 
  3. ESCAPE (astronomy and particle physics) 
  4. PaNOSC (neutron and light source science)  
  5. SSHOC (social sciences and humanities)  

The clusters have cooperated to increase the efficiency and productivity of researchers by providing open data services and infrastructures for discovering, accessing, and reusing data. The OSCARS project aims to combine individual cluster-based activities and new shared strategic pathways towards two major objectives:  

  1. Consolidating achievements from the five H2020 INFRA-EOSC-2018-01-04 projects into lasting interdisciplinary services and working practices;  
  2. Leading and fostering the involvement of a broad range of research communities in EOSC via the development of new open science projects, that together will drive the uptake of FAIR-data-intensive research throughout the European Research Area (ERA). 

OSCARS consortium 

The OSCARS consortium will develop further, and aim at deploying, or fostering adoption of:  

  1. A FAIR-compliant certification scheme for research data;  
  2. Community-based science platforms embedded in the EOSC portal, providing access to a range of services, data sources, guidelines and training;  
  3. Provision of highly composable research-enabling services, data processing and management solutions. The consortium is composed of key partners of the cluster-collaborative experiences aimed at strengthening an inter-cluster co-development of solutions for consolidation activities and engaged in a coordinated approach for the uptake of Open Science in Europe. 

EATRIS role in the project 

EATRIS is the co-leader of WP1 – CLOCC (CLuster Open science Competence Centres) – that aims to  foster the creation of each Community-based Competence Centres (CCC), plan each CCC mission towards emerging thematic RIs (ESFRI or other) and liaise with ERIC Forum, ESFRI, EOSC Association and their relevant working groups. 

EATRIS is also involved in WP4 – MACC (MAnagement, Communication and open Calls) – with the main goal of ensuring the management, overview and implementation of Open Calls for cross-RI and/or cross-domain Open Science Projects and Services through a cascading grant mechanism.