Supporting drug development to diagnostics development

In the era of personalized medicine, biomarkers play a crucial role in diagnostic and treatment decisions. Biomarkers also represent a key strategy for innovative clinical trials (e.g. patient stratification) that will facilitate cost-effective and speedy assessment of new drugs for efficacy and marketing approval.

Alain van Gool

May 24, 2016

Chair of the EATRIS Biomarker Platform


EATRIS Biomarkers Product Platform facilitates the validation and development of biomarkers for the prevention, diagnosis and prognostic assessment of disease as well as for the prediction of therapy response.

EATRIS biomarker institutions utilise cutting edge infrastructures as well as a range of scientific, technological, clinical and regulatory expertise to operate professional and high-quality standardized services in biomarker development.

Maria Laura García Bermejo

May 27, 2016

Co-chair Biomarker product platform


EATRIS Biomarker Product Platform independently validates biomarkers in distinct clinical groups by providing access to clinical samples, develop standardized assays or gather experts to assess the clinical and commercial relevance of the biomarker(s).

The Biomarker Product Platform has a variety of technological expertise, such as tissue-based biomarker, multiplex assay and imaging expertise, as well as disease expertise, including cancer, neurological disease, infection or inflammation.


Biomarker platform projects

EATRIS provides support in a wide variety of biomarker technologies

  • Genomics, next-gen DNA/RNA sequencing, and bioinformatics
  • Molecular pathology with qualified pathologists
  • Antibody libraries, antibody engineering and immunoassay development
  • Multiplexed immunoassays and immunostaining of cells/tissues/TMAs
  • Automated images analysis and web microscopy
  • Lipids and lipoproteins
  • Cytokines
  • Microvesicles characterization
  • Targeted mass spectrometry
  • Multiparametric flow cytometry

Andreas Scherer

May 17, 2016

Co-chair Biomarker product platform


Biomarker Services:

  • Access to biobank samples (e.g. tissues, cells, DNA, serum, plasma) for validation of drug targets and biomarkers.
  • Identification and validation of biomarkers for drug response.
  • Access to medical data & clinical experts.
  • Assay development & validation.
  • Testing and comparison of biomarker assays.
  • Patient-derived models for drug testing and biomarker research.

Supporting drug development to diagnostics development

EATRIS provides expertise across a wide variety of diseases, such as:

  • Oncology including solid tumors and
  • Hematological neoplasia
  • Rare diseases
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Neurology
  • Infections and inflammation

EATRIS-Plus – Flagship in Personalised Medicine

February 3, 2020