Building on its original 2008 “Health Sciences and Technologies Action Plan”, the Luxembourg government recently published its “National Research Priorities” and its “National Research and Innovation Strategy for 2030”, aiming to further refine the general framework enabling the development of the country’s research ecosystem.



The national strategy over the next decade, as delineated in these documents, seeks to reaffirm Luxembourg’s position as a national and international centre of translational medicine. This will be achieved through increased data sharing, data integration, patient-centric and clinical research, as well as by fostering strong international collaborations.

Today, Luxembourg’s biomedical research sector includes a biobank, several public research institutes and a national health laboratory, all of which are internationally recognized within their field.



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Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL)

Not-for-profit institute dedicated to bioservice provision

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Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)

Public research organisation at the forefront of biomedical sciences

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Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)

Biomedical centre closing the link between systems biology and medical research.

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Luxembourg joins EATRIS

IBBL is thrilled that Luxembourg has become part of EATRIS

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