Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL)

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The Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL) is a not-for-profit institute dedicated to service provision in the biomedical sector. As an ISO 9001 (general quality management) certified and ISO 17025 (competence of testing and calibration laboratories) accredited organisation, IBBL offers a full range of bioservices to industry, academia and EU consortia.

IBBL is a national platform hosted within the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH).

In addition to its dedication to quality and its focus on biospecimen research, its location at the heart of Europe makes IBBL an ideal partner for clinical trials, research projects, or validation studies.


IBBL offers a range of services as listed below:

The Translational Biomarker Group (TBG) supports researchers working in the field of biomarkers by providing a validation service. In the context of translational research and personalized medicine, the aim is to move the biomarker forward within its value chain. TBG carries out all the steps of pre-clinical validation including, pre-analytical and analytical validation, a clinical verification pilot study and a comparison to other biomarkers and gold standards. To accomplish all validation steps, TBG can facilitate access to sets of well-annotated human biospecimens and quality control material and initiate prospective collections, to be designed and tailored on a case-by-case scenario.

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IBBL offers human sample and data collection, logistics, processing, testing and storage services at a single site. Its location in Luxembourg is ideal for studies with multiple collection sites, such as clinical trials run by pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations or EU research consortia.

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IBBL’s laboratories offer automated and validated processing of blood, plasma, serum, tissue, urine, saliva, CSF and stool biospecimens. From sample collection to nucleic acid extraction or tissue microarray construction, IBBL can take care of all the pre-analytical activities.

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IBBL offers a large spectrum of sample analysis services for quality control and characterization, ranging from simple DNA quantification to meta-genomic sequencing and miRNA profiling. Specialized in the optimisation   and validation of sample testing methods, IBBL provides methods, samples and data fit for its clients’ needs.

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IBBL’s Proficiency Testing (PT) programme is an external quality assessment tool that lets laboratories verify and benchmark the performance of their biospecimen processing or testing methods. It encompasses a whole range of methods, from nucleic acid and PBMC extraction, to cell viability and RNA integrity assessment.

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In an effort to share its biobanking expertise, IBBL has developed a lifelong learning course in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg. The Principles of Biobanking course uniquely combines environmental and clinical principles of biobanking into one transdisciplinary university certificate covering all technical, scientific and ethical/legal aspects.

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