Innovation Helpdesk


The Innovation Helpdesk is available to assist life science researchers from various environments (research infrastructures, academia, private and public institutions, biotech companies and SMEs) with access to real-time legal support and partnering advice from the EATRIS team of innovation specialists. The Innovation Helpdesk acts as an expertise center providing access to essential tools and resources for collaboration such as guidelines on intellectual property rights, open innovation or legal agreement templates.

Services provided to researchers by EATRIS Innovation Helpdesk staff include:
• Real time advice
• Template documents for frequently occurring technology transfer situations (MTA, CDA, etc.)
• Guidelines and assistance with cross-infrastructure, industry/academia collaboration and knowledge sharing
• Access to specialist knowledge in relation to business development and legal and regulatory aspects
• On a case-by-case basis, hands-on involvement by Innovation Office staff with real collaboration and negotiation cases
• Workshops and webinars on various aspects of public-private research collaboration
Innovation Helpdesk for technology transfer offices (TTOs)

Local technology transfer offices (TTOs) are the first point of contact for innovation at the individual institute level. The Innovation Helpdesk is designed to complement the local TTOs and focus in particular on adding value in situations involving:
• A number of institutes within an infrastructure
• Industry-academia research collaboration across a range of parties
• Cross-RI interactions, with and without industry partners

The Innovation Helpdesk was successfully piloted under the H2020 funded project CORBEL (grant number 654248).

Examples of requests include:

  • How to plan orphan drug development for a drug I want to repurpose?
  • With which company should I partner to develop my new therapy?
  • Is it useful to set up a clinical trial for an extremely rare disease?
  • Does my compound qualify as a foodstuff or a medicine?

The advice can sometimes consist of a single teleconference. There have been examples where this was enough to set the development off in the right direction.  The advice can be negative in certain cases but that may save a lot of wasted time and effort if the feasibility for a particular approach is doubtful.

This service is available to both public and private parties.

Contact us

To apply for support from the Innovation Helpdesk please send an email to innovation[at]

You will then be contacted by a team member who can assess the possibilities and give further assistance with the process and operating principles.