Strategic Plan 2019-2022

EATRIS-ERIC Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Strategic Plan 2019-2022


The Strategic Plan defines the strategic priorities and objectives of the infrastructure for the period 2019-2022. The development of the agenda started in the summer 2017, driven by the Executive Board of the Coordination and Support Office (C&S), in close collaboration with the Board of National Directors (BoND) and the Platform Chairs (PC).

Our Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Governors (BoG) in November 2018 and was officially publicly released during our EATRIS Combined Platform Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia on December 12, 2018.
The Strategic Agenda is built on five pillars (goals) that have the ambition of maximizing the impact of EATRIS on the translational medicine landscape.

Goal 1: Build on our academic credentials: reinforcing EATRIS community

  • Select Scientific priorities for the development of novel tools
  • Reinforce node capacities and node cohesion
  • Facilitate collaborative initiatives around quality, harmonisation and reproducibility
  • Form flexible disease task forces to support the needs of the organisation

Goal 2: Create an effective translational medicine ecosystem

  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Extend alliances beyond the European landscape
  • Develop novel collaboration & sustainability models, improve public-private cooperation
  • Reach and support the patient community

Goal 3: Synchronise the capacities of the Medical RIs

  • Develop novel integrated solutions and services
  • Expand quality & reproducibility initiatives
  • Perform joint advocacy activities and support public and private bodies in strategic decision-making

Goal 4: Raise EATRIS awareness

  • Update EATRIS communications roadmap
  • Strengthen our internal communications
  • Increase EATRIS visibility with policy-makers

Goal 5: Education and Training as a driving force for the Translational Medicine community

  • Educate the scientific community about the Translational Medicine process
  • To provide the new generation of researchers with educational tools to tackle complex Translational Medicine projects
  • Increasing EATRIS visibility and provision of services to the community
  • Reinforce the operational capacity of EATRIS through national node-oriented educational activities

Our Strategic Plan will be effective as of January 1st 2019. It will engender a vibrant and committed multidisciplinary scientific community utilising cutting-edge academic expertise and technology services to improve the flow of academic and SME knowledge towards the patient, while reducing barriers to public-private and public-public collaboration. This strategy will widen the circle of EATRIS’ close partners and collaborators, resulting in accrued visibility for potential users of the infrastructure, the patient community and society.