EATRIS Product Platforms

EATRIS Product Platforms

EATRIS focuses on preclinical and early clinical development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics. Solutions are provided in the fields of advanced therapy medicinal products, biomarkers, imaging and tracing, small molecules and vaccines.

The wide-ranging services portfolio focuses on supporting early decision-making and de-risking of projects with a focus on safe and efficient progression into clinical development.

Examples include validation and development of in vitro and in vivo biomarkers for patient stratification, molecular imaging tracers for drug development programmes, GMP manufacturing of cellular therapy products, patient-derived xenograft models, and many more highly specialised services.


Provides state ­of­ the ­art technologies for the critical issues in ATMP development such as specialised GMP facilities, imaging facilities for in vivo animal studies, availability of dedicated/ tailored animal models, clinical expertise and clinical facilities.

Small Molecules

Supports the pre-clinical and clinical development of drug candidates around novel targets and molecular scaffolds together with advanced screening facilities with innovative cell-based and latest biomarker techniques.


Encompasses the entire vaccine development and production pipeline including specialised GMP provision, formulation and adjuvantation; with facilities up to BSL3 containment; immunomonitoring, and access to clinical facilities.


Facilitates the validation and development of biomarkers for the prevention, diagnosis and prognostic assessment of disease as well as for the prediction of therapy response.

Imaging & Tracing

Covers the entire scope of tracer development and molecular imaging and offers multi-centre clinical trials capabilities with validated imaging-based biomarkers.