Support for funding applications

EATRIS offers a range of services to help researchers strengthen the translational potential of their research proposals: 

1. Horizon Europe –  European Innovation Council  – Pathfinder Challenges (deadline: October 27, 2021) 

EIC Pathfinder Challenges aim to build on new, cutting-edge directions in science and technology to disrupt a field and a market or create new opportunities by realizing innovative technological solutions grounded in high-risk/high-gain research and development.  

The most relevant challenges for transnational research are the following: 

  • EIC Pathfinder Challenge – Emerging Technologies in Cell and Gene therapy  
  • EIC Pathfinder Challenge – Tools to measure and stimulate activity in brain tissue 

For more information please look into EIC Work Programme 2021. 

Please also see EATRIS’ institutions expertise for both challenges: Emerging Technologies in Cell and Gene therapy and Tools to measure and stimulate activity in brain tissue.  

2. HORIZON 2020 – ATTRACT Phase-2 –  R&D&I Projects Thematic call (deadline: September 20, 2021) 

The goal of ATTRACT is to establish a systematic framework to transform breakthrough technologies, developed for fundamental research purposes, into breakthrough innovations that can be turned into sound industrial applications and provide added value for society. 

Interested legal entities are invited to submit proposals for projects in the frame of e.g. breakthrough intraoperative technologies for Cancer Imaging, Biology and/or Health Care Imaging Systems.

More information R&D&I Projects Thematic call – ATTRACT Project phase 2 (

3. The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) – deadline: September 28, 2021

 The MJFF has the following funding programs currently open and relevant for the EATRIS network’s institutions: 

 For more information please also visit MJFF website.  

What can we help with?


EATRIS can help you find the right European academic partner for your consortium thanks to a comprehensive database of the high-end capabilities and expertise in over 110+ top-tier member institutions. This service is free of charge. If you are a member of the infrastructure, EATRIS can also support you in identifying companies, charities, or patient organisations for your consortium.

If you’re interested in this service, please fill inthis form. Our team will provide you with a report listing the potential matches among EATRIS members within a few business days. It will then be your responsibility to liaise with the EATRIS institution or organisation of interest. 

EATRIS is also a member of the Crowdhelix platform, and can also be contacted there for more information on specific expertise for open calls. If you are member too, EATRIS can interact with you on the opportunities posted.


EATRIS can provide coordinators with a letter of support for their proposal, provided the following criteria are met:

  • The scope of the proposal must be translational and of high scientific quality;
  • The proposal must be in line with EATRIS mission: “To support researchers in developing their biomedical discoveries into novel translational tools and interventions for better health outcomes for society”;
  • The consortium must be multidisciplinary with laboratory and clinical expertise represented; and when relevant, industry and/or patient organisations included as partners;
  • The consortium must include institutions leading in their field and/or close collaborators of EATRIS (academic members or strategic partners);
  • The proposal must commit to compliance with FAIR principles and include data management plan as a project’s deliverable.

To request a letter of support, please send the latest draft of your proposal (or a 3-pager including the composition of the consortium, a summary of the concept and foreseen impact) a minimum of four weeks before proposal submission.

Note that we are bound by confidentiality rules and will not distribute any drafts or project summaries to others without your explicit permission or request.


When relevant, EATRIS can participate in research funding proposals as full partner providing various centralised services with member institutions involved as linked third parties if necessary. EATRIS central coordination office based in Amsterdam can provide the following services:

3A) Innovation Management & industry partnering
Activities can include:
– Design of the dissemination and exploitation plan of the project;
– Definition and implementation of a monitoring plan to capture intellectual property protection needs;
– Identification of industry partnering opportunities for co-development and/or out-licensing;
– Follow-up financing opportunities.
Example: RECOGNISED project

3B) Regulatory support
EATRIS will leverage expertise from EATRIS affiliated institutions and perform dedicated tasks or work packages providing regulatory support by:
– Assessing the project’s regulatory strategy and feasibility;
– Interacting with the relevant regulatory authorities;
– Answering any regulatory question arising during the project’s lifetime;
– Ensuring the project fulfils all regulatory requirements.
Example: TRANSVAC-2 project

3C) Translational optimisation
Activities can include:
– Monitoring of the project to deliver a timely evaluation of the translational potential of the results generated during the project;
– Full translational assessment to definefollow-up validation route;
– Early HTA support.

3D) Training
EATRIS offers a wide range of training, including:
– How to assess the translational potential of your project
– How to develop a collaboration with industry
– An introduction to translational medicine (this is particularly relevant for PhD students and postdocs).
– EATRIS also offers open access to an e-learning environment dedicated to translational research: TransMed Academy.
For more information, view and download our “Strengthening your funding proposal with innovation and training” leaflet here.


EATRIS may take a leading role in supporting the development and management of proposals coming from EATRIS member institutes. To be eligible for such support, the proposal has to be aligned with EATRIS Strategic Plan 2019-22.

Example: EU-PEARL led by Vall D’Hebron Research Institute, Head of the EATRIS Spanish node.

Interested in EATRIS support?

Get in contact with Anne-Charlotte Fauvel at to find out more.

You can also download the EATRIS leaflet on support for funding applications here.

View the current funding opportunities for members here.


Anne-Charlotte Fauvel
Coordination & support office