Support for funding applications

EATRIS offers a range of services to help researchers strengthen the translational potential of their research proposals: 


Current Featured Open Calls:

1. ALZHEIMER’S DRUG DISCOVERY FOUNDATION – ADDF (Letter of Intent deadline: May 28, 2021)

ADDF offers funding under four core funding programs:

  • Drug development program: supports in vivo preclinical studies that advance lead molecules developed for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and related dementias to IND-enabling studies;
  • Program to Accelerate Clinical Trials (PACT): supports IND-enabling studies and early-phase clinical trials that test promising pharmacological interventions and devices;
  • Neuroimaging and CSF Biomarker Development RFP: aims to further develop and validate established biomarkers for which there is a clear clinical need;
  • Prevention Pipeline: supports studies of cognitive symptoms due to health conditions, comparative effectiveness research, and epidemiological studies that probe whether the use or choice of drugs alters the risk for dementia or cognitive decline.

More information here.


Angelini and INCIPIT, sharing the scope to promote high quality research on drugs, are now launching the first edition of call for proposals – Angelini for Future 2021- to support independent research projects proposed by European investigators working in public or private non-profit healthcare organizations. More information here.

3. DUTCH CANCER SOCIETY  (Deadline May 12, 2021)

KWF identified five focus areas for Call 2021-2 to boost research in oncology field:

  • Evidence of environmental carcinogenic effect
  • Techniques that shift diagnostics to peripheral care
  • Evidence-based symptom management in palliative care
  • Innovative trial designs in orphan indications and personalized medicine
  • Preclinical tumor models of rare solid cancers

The project leader is to be employed by a Dutch organization. When it is required for the project, parts of the work plan can be performed abroad and it is allowed to collaboration with other organizations to address the research question is allowed. More information here.

4. ERA-NET TRANSCAN-3 Joint Transnational Call (JTC 2021) – NEXT GENERATION CANCER IMMUNOTHERAPY: TARGETING THE TUMOUR MICROENVIRONMENT (Pre-proposals deadline: end of June 2021)

The specific challenge is to promote a transnational collaborative approach between scientific teams in demanding areas of translational cancer research while avoiding the duplication of efforts and ensuring a more efficient use of available resources, to produce significant results of higher quality and impact, and share data and infrastructures. The call is planned to be launched on April 6th 2021 with a submission deadline for preproposals on end of June 2021. It is expected that consortia invited for the full-proposal stage will be asked to submit their proposal on November 2021. More information here.

What can we help with?


EATRIS can help you find the right European academic partner for your consortium thanks to a comprehensive database of the high-end capabilities and expertise of 110 top-tier member institutions. This service is free of charge.If you are a member of the infrastructure, EATRIS can also support you in identifying companies, charities, or patient organisations for your consortium.

If you’re interested in this service, please fill in this formand send it to Anne-Charlotte Fauvel. Our team will provide you with a report listing the potential matches among EATRIS members within a few business days. It will then be your responsibility to liaise with the EATRIS institution or organisation of interest. 

EATRIS is also a member of the Crowdhelix platform, and can also be contacted there for more information on specific expertise for open calls. If you are member too, EATRIS can interact with you on the opportunities posted.


When relevant, EATRIS can participate in research funding proposals as full partner providing various centralised services with member institutions involved as linked third parties if necessary. EATRIS central coordination office based in Amsterdam can provide the following services:

2A) Innovation Management & industry partnering
Activities can include:
– Design of the dissemination and exploitation plan of the project;
– Definition and implementation of a monitoring plan to capture intellectual property protection needs;
– Identification of industry partnering opportunities for co-development and/or out-licensing;
– Follow-up financing opportunities.
Example: RECOGNISED project

2B) Regulatory support
EATRIS will leverage expertise from EATRIS affiliated institutions and perform dedicated tasks or work packages providing regulatory support by:
– Assessing the project’s regulatory strategy and feasibility;
– Interacting with the relevant regulatory authorities;
– Answering any regulatory question arising during the project’s lifetime;
– Ensuring the project fulfils all regulatory requirements.
Example: TRANSVAC-2 project

2C) Translational optimisation
Activities can include:
– Monitoring of the project to deliver a timely evaluation of the translational potential of the results generated during the project;
– Full translational assessment to definefollow-up validation route;
– Early HTA support.

2D) Training workshops
EATRIS can provide in-person workshops, tailor-made to the needs of your project, for example on:
– How to assess the translational potential of your project;
– How to develop collaboration with industry or;
– An introduction to translational medicine (particularly relevant for PhD students and postdocs). For more information, we invite you to download our workshops leaflet on our dedicated webpage.
– EATRIS also offers open access to an e-learning environment dedicated to translational research: TransMed Academy.


EATRIS may take a leading role in supporting the development and management of proposals coming from EATRIS member institutes. To be eligible for such support, the proposal has to be aligned with EATRIS Strategic Plan 2019-22.

Example: EU-PEARL led by Vall D’Hebron Research Institute, Head of the EATRIS Spanish node.

Interested in EATRIS support?

Get in contact with Anne-Charlotte Fauvel at to find out more.


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