Fostering Industry – Academia collaborations

To facilitate academic collaborations with industry, we provide research services geared towards biotech SMEs and pharmaceutical companies.

We quickly identify scientific & medical expertise and find the capacity to provide access to the latest technologies and core facilities from within our technology platforms. We serve as a single point of contact, provide (legal) support and act as a negotiator to facilitate project initiation and monitor project execution when needed. Our infrastructure consists of 145+ biomedical research institutes in 14 EU countries.

Specific examples of academic expertise we have provided:

  • Molecular imaging studies for drug (target) evaluation and biodistribution, including (11C/18F/89Zr PET tracer development and radiolabelling of pharmaceuticals).
  • Preclinical and clinical PET/CT, PET/MRI and (ultra) high field MRI imaging
  • Ex-vivo, organoid, PDX and animal models (including non-human primates)
  • Access to clinical samples and biobanks, rare patient cohorts
  • Scientific/medical experts and KOLs, rare patient populations
  • Development and validation of in vitro assays
  • Cell tracking, immuno-monitoring
  • Biomarker validation: NGS, deep genome sequencing, mass spec and multi-omics analysis
  • Regulatory advice for the development of advanced therapies (ATMP) and repurposing and Orphan Drug Designation

To explore whether we can help with your project, contact us below. We offer this service on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

How does this work in practice?

A letter of engagement is signed between the client and EATRIS, which covers confidentiality and the terms of the matchmaking process. Subsequently, a (non-confidential) research proposal, submitted by the company, is disseminated to our infrastructure to identify interest and confirm capacity with(in) our expert centres. After two weeks a report is presented to the client, who can select which scientific groups they would like to explore potential collaboration with. EATRIS can facilitate this process by exploring the project goals as well as negotiating project agreements, using our own legal templates if needed.


Martin de Kort
Senior Scientific Programme Manager