canSERV – Providing cutting edge cancer research services across Europe

Project Acronym canSERV
Funding Program HORIZON EUROPE
Budget € 14,866,440.50
Coordinator BBMRI-ERIC
Starting-ending date 1 September 2022 – 31 August 2025

The mission of the canSERVs project is to make cutting-edge and customised research services available to the cancer research community EU wide, enable innovative R&D projects and foster precision medicine for patients benefit across Europe. By connecting, coordinating, and aligning existing oncology and complimentary research infrastructures (RIs) and providing services in a synergistic way transnationally, canSERV will capitalise on the critical mass of experts and cutting-edge services offered by canSERVs RIs and their extended network.

CanSERV consortium

canSERV brings together world-class European life science RIs (BBMRI, EURO-BIOIMAGING, ELIXIR, EU-IBISBA, EuroPDX, EU-OPENSCREEN, INSTRUCT, EATRIS, INFRAFRONTIER, EMBRC, ECRIN, EATRIS, MIRRI, ARIE, CCE, EORTC and IARC) that collectively not only covers all aspects along the development pipeline for oncology, but is also capable of interconnecting these technologies providing users a guidance for navigating them through the entire translational value chain.

EATRIS Role in the project

EATRIS in WP1 will provide access to disease models services (In vitro cancer model); the large portfolio of available cutting-edge cancer model services across service providers will be systematically and transparently categorised and catalogued by leading experts in cancer research.

EATRIS will lead the process to provide the access to cutting-edge and high-quality services that will support the optimisation of existing screening programmes, the advancement of novel approaches for screening and early detection, identification of new biomarker sets, as well as will contribute to the development of novel therapeutics based on molecular predictors. In WP6, EATRIS will also provide expertise and guidance on regulatory requirements and methodological standards for personalised medicine research and will support the activities on innovation management to accelerate adoption in the Personalised Oncology domain.

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