Platform Leaflets

EATRIS is at the forefront of advancing scientific innovations across translational medicine fields. We specialise in five platforms, each catering to distinct areas needed for product development processes:

  1. Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products
  2. Biomarkers
  3. Imaging and Tracing
  4. Small Molecules
  5. Vaccines, Inflammation and Immune Monitoring.

Member institutions within EATRIS are provided with the opportunity to align with one or more of these platforms, fostering targeted scientific collaboration. Each platform offers a specific set of infrastructure services targeted to the needs of its users (industry, academia, charity funders and governments). EATRIS Scientific platforms are composed of academic and non-profit research institutions in biomedical translational research. All members possess well-established track records in entering clinical development, state-of-the-art technology platform and know-how, hosting unique infrastructures, licenses (such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratories), and clinical expertise with access to a broad array of patient cohorts.

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