ADVANCE – Training the next generation of ATMP professionals

Project Acronym ADVANCE
Funding Program Erasmus Plus
Budget € 375,000
Coordinator EATRIS

ADVANCE in a nutshell

ADVANCE is a 30-month EU training project, supported by Erasmus Plus with the objective to develop a 3-stage blended learning programme to support early-career biomedical scientists in developing currently missing scientific knowledge, transversal skills and competences to meet the key challenge areas existing in the ATMP development cycle.

The “next generation of ATMP developers” – i.e. early-career biomedical academics (PhDs, Postdocs), including doctors in training, clinician-scientists and SME-based professionals,  who are considered to be an important component of the labour market and the critical intermediaries of the ATMP development pipeline – are the core target group for the three-stage blended learning programme foreseen by ADVANCE.

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What ADVANCE Offers and How to Get Involved?


Each cycle (2 in total) of the programme will have 7 webinars, completely free of charge and open for all. Three of the webinars are focusing on career development (CV and motivation letter writing, preparing for a job interview, and maintaining a good work-life balance). Four webinars will be handling the key challenges of ATMP development (Scientific, Manufacturing, Reimbursement and Regulatory).

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Online Course

The first iteration of the online course was launched in December 2020 and it’s completely open and free of charge to anyone interested in the ATMPs development topic. The course is ca. 7+ hours of interactive lectures, and nearly 20 hours of independent assignments, and is entirely self-paced. It consists of 4 Units representing the key challenges of the ATMPs development cycle – Scientific, Manufacturing, Reimbursement and Regulatory. Participants will have a chance to listen to talks by 13 top scientists, industry experts and regulators in the field, get acquainted with the relevant literature, and complete assignments such as developing a potency assay strategy for a new ATMP​, building a submission dossier for regulatory review for a new cell therapy​, and performing a Health Technology Assessment on an ATMP using the HTA Core Model.

Register for Online Course

Register here for the ADVANCE online course. You will be taken to the Elevate Health e-learning platform.


The workshop is a 5-day full time commitment focusing on all aspects of ATMPs development. The curriculum is complemented by career development and networking activities. The workshop is held twice during the programme (once in 2021 and once in 2022) and only 30 participants are selected to participate in each iteration. There is no tuition fee however participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.

Participants can apply for 3 ECTS through University of Ljubljana after successfully completing the workshop.

The first workshop took place virtually on May 3-7th 2021, and the second 20-24 June face-to-face in Rome, Italy.

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Participant Testimonial by Evangelos Daskalopoulos

Digital Accomplishment Badges & ECTS

To show the participation in the ADVANCE Programme we have created digital accomplishment badges associated with participation and acquired skills. There are 4 separate badges that participants can apply for in conjunction with all of the above mentioned activities. Two badges are linked to webinar participation (CV writing skills and preparing for a job interview), one badge will be earned for completion of the online course, and 1 badge will be earned in relation to the 5-day workshop.

Intellectual Outputs

The project will generate 5 different outputs:

  • Online course (IO1 )
  • Webinars (IO2)
  • Workshop (IO3)
  • Open Badges (IO4)
  • Sustainability plan (IO5)

ADVANCE consortium

The consortium is led by EATRIS ERIC and consists of 6 additional European partners:

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Intro into ADVANCE Programme


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This project receives funding from the European Union’s Erasmus Plus programme under grant agreement 2019-1-NL01-KA203-060286.