ADVANCE Webinar – Manufacturing of ATMPs

Date & Time June 8, 2020


ADVANCE is an innovative and focused learning programme for future advanced therapies’ developers.  This is the second scientific webinar in the ADVANCE Webinar series and will present an overview of important aspects of ATMP manufacturing. It will deal with the question of what are the specificities of ATMP manufacturing compared to traditional pharmaceutical products/drugs, and these aspects will be explained. It will be shown that many of these specificities represent challenges, which will be illustrated with concrete examples.


Frank Luyten

Prof. Dr Frank P.J. Luyten is full professor at the Faculty of Medicine, KU Leuven, and chairman of the Division of Rheumatology at the University Hospitals Leuven.  He is director of the Skeletal Biology and Engineering Research Center KU Leuven and director of the LR&D Division Prometheus Skeletal Tissue Engineering Leuven. He was the founder and member of the board of directors of TiGenix, and member of the board of directors of PharmaCell. He is medical/scientific director of REGMEDXB-NL/Flanders.

Kristel van Landuyt

Dr Kristel B.J. Van Landuyt is a staff member of the Biobanking department of the University Hospitals Leuven and practising rheumatologist.