EATRIS brings together resources and services for research communities to translate scientific discoveries into benefits for patients. Our infrastructure’s resources are therefore highly relevant for the research community in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The COVID-19 Fast Response Service is a coordinated and accelerated procedure for researchers to access the academic facilities, services and resources of three medical research infrastructures (BBMRI, EATRIS and ECRIN) working together under the umbrella of the European Alliance of Medical Research Infrastructures (“EU-AMRI“).

Research requests are handled via a single point of contact, with a targeted turnaround time of 72 hours or less. This means that applicants will receive details of available services and suppliers within three days of the first request. For more information on how to access our fast response service, please follow the guidance provided here or email David Morrow (EATRIS Senior Scientific Programme Manager).

  • In a joint statement available here, the three infrastructures highlight five recommendations and practical steps to accelerate COVID-19 Research.
  • You can also read more about how BBMRI, ECRIN and EATRIS joined forces to offer a COVID-19 Fast Response Service here.
  • Other European Research Infrastructures also offer services to support the fight against COVID-19, you can find the full list of activities and services here.

The EATRIS community, composed of university medical centres and research facilities, is at the forefront of the COVID-19 fight. We are closely monitoring the efforts undertaken by EATRIS members and are regularly updating a non-exhaustive list of activities they are involved in and additional targeted services they can provide. You can view and download the latest overview document here (Version 1.14).

To accelerate the EATRIS efforts towards COVID-19 research, we developed a digital Research Forum dedicated to the researchers of the EATRIS community. The platform allows us to interact, discuss protocols, share resources and translational tools and collaborate around COVID-19 scientific priorities. If you wish to gain access to the shared Research Forum site, please use the form available here.

For those already with access, you can view the forum via this link.

*Note that the next TRANSVAC call deadline is 15 January 2022*

Now more than ever the world is recognising the importance of vaccines. The EU-funded project, TRANSVAC-2, of which EATRIS is a partner, accelerates vaccine candidates across the R&D pipeline, by offering services to vaccine developers in academic and industry settings.

Researchers developing vaccine candidates against COVID-19 can benefit from TRANSVAC-2 services, namely but not exclusively:  animal models; adjuvant formulation; clinical trial support. As part of the project, EATRIS can provide regulatory support. You can learn more here.

EATRIS response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Click to read more about what we offer and how we responded to the pandemic

Joint statement on COVID-19 from EU-AMRI

Click to read a joint statement from EU-AMRI on the COVID-19 pandemic readiness

EATRIS co-authors paper to improve the research process to fight COVID-19

Team including EATRIS Finnish National Director develop nasal spray vaccine against COVID-19

New COVID-19 test by IMTM draws global attention

New biomarker for severe COVID-19 found at Karolinska Institutet, an EATRIS institute

New EU follow-up project to evaluate COVID-19 in Luxembourg

Avicena Systems, users of the EATRIS COVID-19 Research Forum, win iAward ‘Startup of the Year’

Translation Together Partners Publish Article on Global Approach to Pandemics

What COVID-19-related expertise and services can EATRIS offer?

  • 2019-nCoV challenge studies in Non-Human Primates (NHPs) under BSL3+
  • Advanced preclinical models including NHPs, with advanced analytical readouts including molecular and structural imaging (including real-time imaging of lung lesions), available under BSL 3 conditions
  • Immunomonitoring and virological assays
  • High throughput screening supporting diagnostics, genotyping, phenotyping and drug repurposing
  • Clinical isolation units
  • Expertise on pharmacology and protein-drug interaction modelling
  • Regulatory support, including scientific advice procedure with the European Medicines Agency or national authorities

The EATRIS COVID-19 services listed here are available for any researcher or research team (academic or industrial) that is developing a potential therapy, vaccine or tool for use against the current COVID-19 pandemic, with secured funding. EATRIS can also connect you with the right partners if you are preparing a funding proposal.

Research requests are handled via a single point of contact (David Morrow; details below), with a targeted turnaround time of 48 hours or less. This means that applicants receive details of available services and suppliers within two days of the first request.


David Morrow
Senior Scientific Programme Manager