Technology Leaflets

The EATRIS infrastructure offers novel technologies to facilitate your translational research project needs. Here you can find technology leaflets of some of EATRIS service offerings.

PET imaging of targeted drugs

Radiolabelled antibodies and nanobodies

PET imaging

PET-imaging is an indispensable tool to support development of more effective, safer and cheaper targeted drugs, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and next generation potent analogs. Radiolabelling of these biologicals with the appropriate isotope (e.g. 89Zr-immuno-PET) allows confirmation
 of precise targeting and drug distribution by PET imaging.

ADME profiling of new drug candidates

Cost effective enabling technologies in drug design and development

ADME profiling

Studies to determine a drug candidate ́s absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) from the body in translational models are key to reducing attrition in the later stages of development. EATRIS institutions can provide cost-efficient, predictive and reproducible compound screens with access to state-of-the-art techniques
 and greatly improve research outcomes in the early translational phases of drug development.

Small Molecule tracers

In vivo imaging of disease-specific markers

Small Molecule Imaging tracers

Tracer compounds used in PET or optical molecular imaging are capable of visualising and quantifying in vivo biomarkers at high specificity and sensitivity. EATRIS offers more than 100 validated PET, SPECT and optical tracer compounds with proven safety, high affinity for the target, high (tissue) specificity and (receptor) selectivity.

Proteomic biomarkers

Quantify, standardise and translate to practice

Proteomic Biomarkers

EATRIS institutions offer services and research collaboration in the analysis of protein targets and biomarkers. It includes their identification and validation in relevant preclinical and clinical situation, together with the development of customized proteomic methods for disease diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of therapeutic response.


Liquid biopsies & circulating biomarkers

Circulating Biomarkers

Bodily fluids have emerged as an important source of information in several pathologies with circulating cells and exosome-confined molecules including DNA, non-coding RNA, and proteins under development as novel biomarkers for use in disease diagnosis and prognosis. EATRIS can provide access to modern biobanks with well-annotated, high-quality samples offering a perfect starting point for early-phase and validation studies of such markers.

Ultra-high field MRI

Imaging biomarkers for high precision medicine


EATRIS research institutions have several Ultra high field (UHF) MRI systems, operating at much higher magnetic field strengths (7T and above), to overcome the sensitivity and specificity limits of MRI platforms that are used for routine clinical diagnoses. UHF-MRI is available for your study for the development of (new) imaging biomarkers for early diagnosis, prognosis, prediction and surveillance of disease progression and treatment efficacy.

Genomic Biomarkers

Genomics for precision medicine

Genomic Biomarkers

Specific genomic variants predict drug response or resistance (genomics-driven medicine) with changes in gene expression and modification of DNA and RNA providing valuable insight into biological processes. The EATRIS Genomics Centers can provide all of the tools of modern functional genomics including Next Generation Sequencing, expression analysis, microarrays, qPCR, and more and 
access to the international research and clinical communities

Advanced Translational Drug Screening

Using 3d spheroids and primary cells

Advanced translational drug screening

Drug screening models involving three-dimensional, multi-cellular cultured (3D) spheroids use culture methods that mimic their most natural in vivo environment.  EATRIS can provide cost effective advanced translational screening technologies, and integrated access to well annotated patient samples.

Academic GMP manufacturing

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

GMP Manufacturing

EATRIS can provide fast and affordable access to ATMP product manufacturing for implementation in your Phase I/II/III clinical trials providing the complete workflow from manufacturing with documentation QA/QC, Drug Master File filing and distribution under GDP traceability to therapy or disease specific regulatory assistance and clinical trials in joint academic medical centers.


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