Gender Equality Plan 2022-2023

EATRIS Coordination and Support office has published EATRIS’ first Gender Equality Plan (2022-2023). The plan was developed by an internal taskforce, composed of four members of EATRIS staff, and supported by an external human resources consultant, as well as the EATRIS Management Team. The plan addresses the five action areas of gender equality recommended by the European Commission.

Addressing the challenges of and promoting equality between women and men within a research infrastructure such as EATRIS benefits research and innovation as it improves its quality and relevance, helps attract and retain talent, and ensures that everyone can maximise their potential. An important next step towards guaranteeing gender equality at an organisational level is the implementation of a Gender Equality Plan (GEP).

The plan was developed by initially using multimodal data collection such as an audit of existing policies and legislation, an employee survey, content analysis communications materials and more.

The EATRIS internal taskforce relied on the 5 areas of gender equality recommended by the European Commission to build the organisation’s gender audit, namely:

  • Work-life balance and organisational culture
  • Gender balance in leadership and decision-making
  • Gender equality in recruitment and career progression
  • Integration of the gender dimension into research and teaching content
  • Measures against gender-based violence

Anne-Charlotte Fauvel, EATRIS Head of EU Affairs and Management Team member, was part of the internal taskforce and she adds the following: “We are very proud as a team to publish our very first Gender Equality Plan, as it demonstrates EATRIS’ strong commitment towards promoting gender equality within the organisation and the wider research and innovation ecosystem. Through a set of clear goals and concrete actions, our GEP will contribute to a more gender-equal working environment and more inclusive research.”

Five members of staff will oversee the monitoring and effective implementation of the plan and have formed the EATRIS Gender Equality Working Group: Tamara Carapina (Senior Legal Officer), Moa Drugge (HR Officer), Anne-Charlotte Fauvel (Head of European Affairs), Eliis Keidong (EU Project Manager) and David Morrow (Senior Scientific Programme Manager). EATRIS continued dedication to gender equality will also be supported by the working group established in 2021 with other European Research Infrastructure Consortia on this topic.

Download the document here or browse it below.