How to acknowledge EATRIS in your work

If your work has received financial (e.g. grant funding, event sponsorship) or other support (e.g. in-kind contribution, use of the infrastructure and its many services) linked to EATRIS, you need to visibly acknowledge EATRIS’s contribution so it can be tracked and reported.

In written work, you may use the following statements:

  • This work was supported by EATRIS, the European infrastructure for translational medicine. 
  • This work used [insert name of EATRIS service/resource], which is provided under EATRIS, the European infrastructure for translational medicine.

If the work received financial support from EU funding instruments, the acknowledgement is absolutely mandatory. You should use the following example statement in the “Funding” section of the publication (not in the “Acknowledgement” section), and tailor it to your necessity: 

  • This publication has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation action through the project EATRIS-Plus (Grant Agreement No. 871096). [adapt depending on the grant, in consultation with the project manager and official guidance from the European Commission or other funder] 

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