EATRIS Croatia

Croatia is an observer country in EATRIS as of April 2021. The Croatian delegation hopes that participation in the network will help extend their collaboration with most prominent European institutions in the field of translational research. Croatia believes that pan-European cooperation can bring added values to existing services and research efforts already in place in Croatia. The goal is that participation in the network will lead to enhanced scientific collaborations, thus enabling the Croatian scientific landscape to expand our research activities. Finally, the aim is that these efforts will spill over to include SMEs and companies in Croatia, thus improving not only the research activities, but also providing clear economic benefit to the Croatian society.

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The University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM/ZSM)

Croatia officially becomes full member of EATRIS

Croatia has officially become a full member of EATRIS as of February 2023, after being an observer for two years. By joining EATRIS, Croatia has taken a significant step forward in strengthening its position as a leading centre for translational medicine in the region.


Lozika Mašić
National Coordinator of Croatia

Jelena Ilić-Dreven

Governor of Croatia
Board of Governors

Fran Borovečki

National Director of Croatia
Board of National Directors