EATRIS Expert Centres

EATRIS Expert Services are crucial components of a comprehensive development plan for translational projects. These services cover a range of areas, such as innovation management, regulatory strategy, translational feasibility, and early health technology assessment. They complement the existing laboratory research services in EATRIS institutions. Due to increasing demand and EATRIS’ goal to support national competence building, these services will now be partially decentralised and carried out by EATRIS institutions acting as EATRIS Expert Centres under the EATRIS brand.

Following the adoption of the General Framework for the Decentralised Implementation of Expert Services by the EATRIS Board of Governors on 10 May 2022, EATRIS launched an open call for an expression of interest by EATRIS institutions to provide EATRIS decentralised expert services. Seven EATRIS Institutions applied, were ratified by the EATRIS Board of National Directors and signed the EATRIS Decentralised Expert Services Agreement (DESA).

Here are the institutions that have been appointed as ‘EATRIS Expert Centres’ so far:


Florence Bietrix
Head of Operations