Croatia officially becomes full member of EATRIS

Published 31 March 2023

Croatia has officially become a full member of EATRIS as of February 2023, after being an observer for two years. By joining EATRIS, Croatia has taken a significant step forward in strengthening its position as a leading centre for translational medicine in the region.

Professor Fran Borovecki, National Director of EATRIS Croatia, says: “We are delighted to become a full member of EATRIS. We believe this acknowledges Croatia’s progress in applying translational approaches in scientific research, and we are also hopeful that it indicates future developments which will lead to Croatia being recognised as a worthy member of the EATRIS family.

The EATRIS Board of Governors approved Croatia’s membership request on 21 February 2023, and the decision was ratified by the European Commission on 7 March 2023. 

Jelena Ilić-Dreven, EATRIS Board of Governor representative of Croatia, adds: “The Croatian Ministry of Science and Education is looking forward to our participation as a full Member in EATRIS after two years as an Observer. We believe that it will boost our research capacities in translational and personalised medicine and that we will have plenty to give back to the EATRIS community.

The Croatian delegation welcomed the decision, who have expressed their commitment to supporting research and innovation in the country. Croatia’s membership in EATRIS offers an excellent opportunity to contribute significantly to the field of translational medicine and improve health outcomes for people in the region and beyond.