Policy Statements

EATRIS has published the following policy statements:

  • November 2023: Short Statement from EATRIS on the “Revision of the EU general pharmaceuticals legislation”. More details here.
  • July 2022: EATRIS’ reaction to the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on the European Health Data Space. More details here.
  • May 2021: Porto Declaration on Cancer Research: EU-AMRI calls for further deployment of high-quality infrastructures. More details here.
  • October 2020: “European Medical Research Infrastructures Call for Global Coordination” published in Clinical Infectious Diseases journal. More details here.
  • September 2020: EATRIS, ECRIN, BBMRI and ELIXIR publish a joint statement on the Horizon Europe Cancer Mission. More details here.
  • May 2020: COVID-19 Pandemic Readiness: European Medical Research Infrastructures are part of the global response. This statement included five practical steps to accelerate COVID-19 research and was published on Euractiv.com. More details here and view on Euractiv.com here.
  • September 2018: Medical ERIC’s release a joint statement on Horizon Europe. More details here.


Tamara Carapina
Head of Legal and Governance
Coordination & support office