PERsonalised MedIcine Trials

Project Acronym PERMIT
Funding Program Horizon 2020
Budget €2,000,000
Coordinator ECRIN-ERIC

Launched in January 2020, the H2020-funded PERMIT will develop recommendations for robust and reproducible personalised medicine research.
The objective of PERMIT is to establish, with all relevant stakeholders and invited experts, recommendations ensuring the robustness of personalised medicine trials, which also requires validation of the stratification methods.
In a series of workshops participants, partners and selected experts will address the various aspects of methodology, design, data management, analysis and interpretation in personalised medicine research programmes. PERMIT brings together field experts, funding bodies, patient representative associations, medicine agencies, HTA authorities, and other key stakeholders from across Europe to collaborate in every stage of the project. The goal is to reach consensus and broad acceptability of the proposed methodological recommendations.
The PERMIT project builds on seven work packages, coordinated by ECRIN-ERIC:
• WP1 is about project coordination
• WP2 leads to the identification of needs in terms of standardised methodology and data generation, management, analysis and interpretation.
• WP3 addresses the design of stratification and validation cohorts.
• WP4 focuses on the application and types (supervised or unsupervised) of different stratification algorithms, and the robustness and validation of the stratification methods.
• WP5 is dedicated to translational research establishing a link between data-driven stratification and the choice of treatment options.
• WP6 is dedicated to randomised clinical trials needed to test treatment strategies for each of the identified patient clusters, and to test the added value of the personalised approach vs. non-personalised standard of care.
• WP7 is about dissemination and implementation activities.
EATRIS-ERIC participates as leader of WP5 due to its expertise in translational research in collaboration with the University of Bergen, member of EATRIS community.
The project kick-off was held from January 24 2020 in Paris and the scheduled duration of the project is 24 months.