B1MG – Beyond 1Million Genomes

Project Acronym B1MG
Funding Program H2020
Budget 4,000,000.00
Coordinator ELIXIR
Website https://b1mg-project.eu/
Starting-ending date June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2023

Context behind the project  

B1MG will pave the way towards unlocking a data network of over 1 million whole genome and whole-exome 3 sequences of citizens in Europe in the context of healthcare, thereby creating unprecedented opportunities for routine multi-stakeholder studies into personalised health in the areas of cancer, common and rare diseases at a global level. The project supports the connection of national genomics and data infrastructures, coordinate with an array of international initiatives and consult a range of stakeholders the harmonisation of the ethical and legal framework for sharing data of high privacy sensitivity to give practical guidance for the pan-European coordinationimplementing genomic technologies in national and European healthcare systems.  

Personalised medicine is expected to bring significant socio-economic benefits, including more efficient national health systems. Faster and more accurate diagnosis, the development of pharmacogenomics and advancement of preventative medicine will lead to better health, quality of life of patients and increased life expectancy.  

About  the B1MG Consortium 

B1MG responds to the challenge of getting local, regional, national and European actors to align around a common framework, a ‘maturity level model’ that provides concrete guidance on the steps required to implement personalised medicine. Thus, the B1MG consortium, based upon the commitment of 20 European Member States and Norway that have signed the Declaration ‘Towards access to at least 1 million sequenced genomes in the EU by 2022’, provides a benchmark approach for alignment of complex, fractionated healthcare provisions to the rest of the world. 

EATRIS has a key role in the collaboration for establishing the Stakeholder Coordination Group (SCG) which consists of representatives of the patient communities, genetics and health care professionals, healthcare care systems planners, industry, SMEs and funders, among others. It will also act as a bridge to connect European, Member States and regional Personalised Medicine initiatives.  

For this purpose, the B1MG stakeholder coordination portal lead by EATRIS aims to efficiently deliver timely analysis of challenges, opportunities and solutions resulting from external stakeholders to the operational WPs. It delivers tools and defines workflows to de-risk and improve the flow of data generation and integration towards patients and it facilitates the development of operational pipelines based on the integration of genomic and health data. In the portal people are organised in groups that reflect the stakeholder clusters with the possibility users to create transversal sub-communities. This allows the creation of a vibrant community, organised and focused, that can collaborate in an effective and advantageous way for improving the project outcomes.