BIC-BRIDGE: Biomarker Commercialisation IVD applicable Biomarker Research and Innovation implementation Development GuidE

Project Acronym BIC-BRIDGE
Funding Program European Regional Development Fund- the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme
Budget 760,000 EUR
Coordinator Ideklinikken, Aalborg University Hospital


The main challenge of biomarker commercialisation is that while a lot of research identifying links between some biological signatures (Biomarkers) with diseases or response to the treatment, less than 2% will convert into clinical applicable diagnostic test (IVD Test). The discovery part is a substantial investment from research institutions, but the route to industrial development and to commercialisation is not part of the skills and expertise easily available in research institutions, even when having a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) to support commercialisation of an invention. 

BIC BRIDGE is based on the project main outputs and results from BiC – Biomarker Commercialisation. Thanks to the regular project, the BiC consortium managed to tackle specific challenges from the biomarker development and commercialization field. 

BIC BRIDGE serves not only to improve the outputs delivered in the original project but also to a whole new set of activities aiming at increasing the scope of the tools and broadening the target groups, as well as increasing usability, sustainability and impact, through 

  • Commercialization and regulatory guidance in advanced stages of development 
  • Practical conversation of the Biomarker Commercialization Guide 
  • Educational Training Toolbox 
  • Increase visibility and awareness

BIC-BRIDGE consortium 

The consortium comprises 9 partners from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and beyond. It consists of innovation units localized in research institutions, cluster organisations, SMEs and European Research Infrastructure Consortium within the health diagnostic, pharma and med tech field. 

Project Partners: 

  • Ideklinikken, Aalborg University Hospital. The North Denmark Region [DK] 
  • Wroclaw Technology Park [PL] 
  • BioCon Valley® GmbH [DE] 
  • Tartu BT Park OÜ [EE] 
  • University of Turku [FI] 
  • Turku Science Park Ltd. [FI] 
  • Labmaster Ltd. [FI] 
  • Dianox APS [DK] 
  • EATRIS [NL] 


Work Packages 

WP1 – Project Management 

WP2 – Increasing the scope of BIC outputs to increase uptake in new stakeholder groups 

WP3 – Delivering Biomarker commercialization solution 

WP4 – Increasing the impact and sustainability of the BIC outputs 

EATRIS is part of WP4 and will support further the uptake of the tool through targeted dissemination at its member institutions, especially through its links to the Technology Transfer Offices. 

BIC BRDIGE is based on project outputs generated during the first stage project BIC – Biomarker Commercialization. The extension stage project is running for 9 months (01.10.2020 – 30.06.2021). 


The project’s budget is EUR 0.76 million and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme with EUR 0.58 million. 

Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme