EOSC Future

Project Acronym EOSC Future
Funding Program H2020
Budget 42,077,088.84
Coordinator ATHENA (GR)
Starting-ending date: April 1, 2021 - Oct 30, 2023

EOSC Future aims to demonstrate at the end of the project an operational EOSC Platform (‘System of Systems’) with an integrated execution environment consisting of data, professionally provided services, and open research products and infrastructure that will be accessed and used by the European researchers who will be engaged, facilitated, trained and supported to utilise the EOSC resources and solutions.  

EOSC Future is driven by three main principles: a) the realisation of EOSC-Core and EOSC-Exchange with interoperable data and resources; b) the integration of data and resources from the Science Cluster communities into the EOSC Platform; c) the direct involvement of users in the co-design and implementation of the EOSC Platform.  

The project is envisioned to create a web of scientific resources that are open and/or Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) equipped with suitable services allowing their exploitation. EOSC Future will foster the Open Science vision in Europe, by delivering a paradigm shift in the way scientists can create, share, and reuse open and FAIR data, research services, and other research products. 

The EOSC Future consortium 

 EOSC Future will bring together in EOSC, for the first time, all major stakeholders from the e-Infrastructures and Science Clusters. The project partners are established organisations with recognised experience in running infrastructures and providing services. Most partners have been previously involved in EOSC projects, giving EOSC Future a much-needed strong head start for the short implementation period of 30 months. They will bring together top technological experts in EOSC who will ensure the high-quality technical delivery of the EOSC Platform. 

EATRIS role in the project 

EATRIS will contribute on Training and Support Coordination and Leveraging and on Training delivery and content integration in the framework of Training and engagement activities (WP9). Training activities will address skills development on two fronts: 1) providing researchers and data practitioners with consolidated cross-infrastructure and cross domain training packages on EOSC portal services and on data access and sharing using EOSC; 2) Training content for resource providers on joining EOSC and aligning with services offered. 

Moreover, the project will demonstrate the value of composability via cross-domain scientific use cases provided by the research community and engage Science Clusters to develop portal use cases focusing on scientific excellence and interdisciplinarity. The Science Projects have been designed as cross-domain approaches which attempt to provide evidence towards addressing major societal demands. EATRIS will participate in the COVID-19 use case.