EOSC4Cancer – A European-wide foundation to accelerate Data-driven Cancer Research

Project Acronym EOSC4Cancer
Funding Program HORIZON EUROPE
Budget € 7,814,549.00
Starting-ending date 1 September 2022 – 28 February 2025

EOSC4Cancer will make cancer genomics, imaging, medical, clinical, environmental and socio-economics data accessible, using and enhancing existing federated and interoperable systems for securely identifying, sharing, processing and reusing FAIR cancer data across borders, and it will offer them via community-driven analysis environments. EOSC4Cancer provision of well curated datasets will be essential for advanced analytics and computational methods to be reproducible and robust, including machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches. EOSC4Cancer use-cases will cover the patient journey from cancer prevention to diagnosis to treatment, laying the foundation of data trajectories and workflows for future cancer mission projects.

The overall aim is to serve cancer patients by coordinating data from established cancer networks and European research infrastructures, utilising open data standards, building on and further working from the EOSC ecosystem, and collaborating and heading towards the European Health Data Space and the European Cancer Mission, including the alignment on ELSI, patient networks, and stakeholders with B1MG/1+MG.

EOSC4Cancer consortium

EOSC4Cancer brings together a comprehensive consortium of cancer research centres, research infrastructures, leading research groups, hospitals and supercomputing centres from 14 European countries. To make the developments sustainable, these will be offered as part of the research infrastructures partners services portfolio, in connection with the EOSC ecosystem and to serve the European Cancer Mission, which will be possible via the engagement with large international coalitions, e.g. ICGC-Argo, GA4GH, 1+MG/B1MG, Cancer Core Europe, European Cancer Information System, European Network of Cancer Registries, Innovative Partnership for Action Against Cancer Joint Action and patients/survivors associations.

EATRIS Role in the project

EATRIS is one of the RI represented in the consortium and will contribute towards the interoperability of their respective datasets with the aim of developing data harmonization efforts across domains and jurisdictions (WP2). EATRIS will contribute to identifying and prioritizing the existing gaps in training (WP5). EATRIS will provide expertise in training by organizing  tutorials, workshop design and refining training needs for EATRIS’ lead data and harmonisation services.

In WP7 EATRIS will contribute to manage the developing European data, e-Health and cancer landscape by coordinating all participants which are expected to identify the key stakeholder clusters for project execution and utilise their networks in order to populate the Stakeholder Forum and provide input to the roadmap. EATRIS will also lead links to the clinical researcher community.