Project Acronym iNext
Funding Program Horizon 2020
Budget 9,987,757
Coordinator Dutch Cancer Institute (NKI) – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital Amsterdam


iNEXT-Discovery brings together a strong network of leading structural biology facilities in partnership with regional experts and ESFRI communities in medicinal chemistry, translational medicine, biological imaging, and food research, to disseminate knowledge and services. It aims to stimulate the wider uptake of structural biology across Europe, across scientific disciplines and research sectors.

The project has 26 participants (including EATRIS) from 14 countries and is divided into 29 work packages. EATRIS will provide awareness to the structural biology community towards translational medicine and will organise together with the Coordinator NKI a workshop addressing the early development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics, with a keen focus on new drug development tools, starting SMEs, innovation management, and regulatory topics.