BBMRI, ECRIN and EATRIS join forces to offer COVID-19 Fast Response Service

Published 25 March 2020

The COVID-19 Fast Response Service is a coordinated and accelerated procedure for researchers to access the academic facilities, services and resources of the three medical research infrastructures: the European Research Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS), the European Clinical Research Infrastructure network (ECRIN) and the European research infrastructure for biobanking (BBMRI), working together under the umbrella of the Alliance of Medical Research Infrastructures (EU-AMRI).

The full catalogue of EU-AMRI resources is available to the COVID-19 research community, these include:

  • Biomaterials and associated clinical data (the full list of available resources is available here)
  • 2019-nCoV challenge studies in NHPs under BSL3+
  • Advanced preclinical models including NHPs, with advanced analytical readouts including molecular and structural imaging (including real time imaging of lung lesions), available under BSL 3 conditions
  • Immunomonitoring and virological assays
  • High throughput screening supporting diagnostics, genotyping, phenotyping and drug repurposing
  • Clinical isolation units
  • Expertise in pharmacology and protein-drug interaction modelling
  • Regulatory support, including:
    • Scientific advice procedure with the European Medicines Agency or national authorities
  • Clinical trial support
  • Regulatory support, including:
    • Advice on ethical, regulatory and legal issues in EU member states for clinical trials
    • Ethics approval submissions; initiation and monitoring of recruiting sites
  • Certified Data centres for the management of clinical trial data

Research requests will be handled via a single point of contact, with a targeted turnaround time of three working days or less. This means that applicants will receive details of available services and suppliers within three days of the first request.


David Morrow
Senior Scientific Programme Manager