ADVANCE Webinar: Regulatory & Clinical Aspects of ATMPs

Date & Time 29 April 2021 at 13.00 CEST

ADVANCE is an innovative and focused learning programme for future advanced therapies’ developers. This is the first scientific webinar in the ADVANCE Webinar series and will focus on the regulatory and clinical aspects of ATMPs development. The regulatory framework for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) is designed to ensure safe patient access to these medicines within the European Union (EU). Several European regulations, directives and guidences, as well as national laws and guidelines, are applicable in the ATMP field, targeting diverse types of ATMPs and aspects of the development pathway. This webinar will provide an overview of the ATMP regulatory framework as well as a concrete practical example of cells and tissue applications to demonstrate the impact of the ATMP regulatory framework in clinical reality.

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