Translational bricks and brains

The EATRIS infrastructure plays a fundamental role in the advancement of knowledge and technology in translational research and drug development. This distributed infrastructure, which is comprised leading institutes across Europe, constitutes a wide diversity of stakeholders who seek solutions to the many problems that we face in the development of new therapies.

The EATRIS infrastructure represents the bricks and brains of the scientific community in Europe that is focused on translational research. It consists of high-end facilities, resources, and expertise that is open to collaboration on your innovative drug or diagnostic development programme.

EATRIS Research Institutes

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From post discovery to clinical trials

The EATRIS infrastructure provides unique one-stop shop access to the combined expertise and high-end technologies that are required to advance new products through the translational maze, from target validation to early clinical trials. By defragmenting access to key resources in Europe, clients have at their fingertips the whole gamut of research tools and guidance required for drug development, ranging from state of the art scientific equipment, knowledge-based resources from sample collections to GMP manufacturing and regulatory guidance, in multiple European countries and specialised centers for clinical trials.

Valuable access point

Bringing together these bricks and brains within a professional and accessible infrastructure is a valuable resource for the development of innovative technologies. In addition, the EATRIS consortium is a unique forum for the exchange of knowledge and best practices and is very active in advocacy towards policymakers for the continuing advancement and support of the principles of translational research.

By working together and combining efforts across Europe with the goal of improving the output of high potential medicines and diagnostics, we have a timely opportunity to improve Europe’s innovation potential while providing the best therapies for patients.