University Medical Centre Ljubljana (Dept. of Nuclear Medicine)

Address Zaloška cesta 7
1000 Ljubljana
Platforms Imaging & Tracing

University Medical Centre Ljubljana (UMCL) is the leading medical professional, educational and research institution in Slovenia. With over 8300 employees, UMCL is one of the largest institutions in Slovenia. UMCL’s employees pursue a threefold mission of health care, education and research and are committed to providing safe, high quality and standardised patient care. Thanks to its outstanding achievements in the field of health care, UMCL is comparable to some of the most renowned institutions in Europe and worldwide.

UMCL’s fundamental mission is to ensure high-quality patient care and to promote the development of health services in Slovenia. Our patients are offered high-quality health care in all specialities.

Department of Nuclear Medicine is a division of the UMCL. At the Department of Nuclear Medicine, a multidisciplinary team of experts from various fields (medicine, radiopharmacy, chemistry, physics) contribute to the development of the NM field on a national and international level through extensive clinical, research and translational work.