University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy

Address Aškerčeva cesta 7
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Platforms Small Molecules, Vaccines

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy (UL FFA) is the leading research and higher educational institution in the field of pharmacy, clinical biochemistry, toxicology and cosmetology in the region. The mission of the Faculty is to foster an environment supportive of education, research and service in order to promote the discovery, development and the appropriate use of medicines.

The Faculty develops expertise in development of biomarkers, cell biology, molecular pharmacology and toxicology; in silico drug design, synthesis and evaluation of lead molecules/drug candidates in vitro; PK/PD modelling; development and validation of analytical and bioanalytical methods; formulation design; solid-form prototype development, advanced drug delivery, nanotechnology and phytopharmacy.

UL FFA has 1,400 students approx. 150 teaching and research staff. The Faculty of Pharmacy is accredited for the execution of the undergraduate programmes; MPharm, BSc and MSc of Lab Biomed, BSc in Cosmetology, MSc in Industrial Pharmacy, as well as postgraduate PhD programmes in Biomedicine: PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD in Clinical Biochemistry, and PhD in Toxicology.

UL FFA is strongly involved in basic and applicative research, financed by the government (68%), the pharmaceutical industry (21%), and EU projects (11%). The Faculty has excellent long-term research collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry, which has resulted in numerous international patent applications and patents. UL FFA has also valuable experience in managing large research EC projects within the 6th FP, the 7th FP and H2020 frameworks.


Other international activities of the Faculty: Organisation of the European Postgraduate Radiopharmacy course in collaboration with ETH Zurich and University of Leipzig,  Organisation of the Cooperative European Medicine Development Course (CEMDC), related to Pharma Train, under coordination of Semmelweis University, participation in international associations and programmes such as European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP), ERASMUS, BASILEUS, CEEPUS and numerous  bilateral cooperation.

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy launches an English-language Master's programme in Industrial Pharmacy

The programme is designed to provide graduates in biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, chemical engineering, laboratory medicine, cosmetology, microbiology, and food science with a range of advanced topics from pharmaceutical and life sciences. The programme is conducted in a hybrid form, with most lectures taking place online, while practical courses are organised at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana. Find out more in the video below or by clicking here.