Karolinska Institutet

Address Solnavägen 1
171 77 Solna
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Karolinska Institutet is a modern medical university and one of the foremost in the world. With its close relationship to the clinical milieu, a well-established infrastructure and a stable financial situation, Karolinska Institutet has excellent prerequisites for sustaining high quality research and education. Karolinska Institutet is a globally respected medical university marked by a passion for research and a drive to contribute to the improvement of human health. Karolinska Institutet invests heavily in first-class infrastructure and has unique core facilities in the form of advanced laboratories, biobanks and centres of excellence for the experimental research and education of tomorrow.

Research is conducted in 22 departments, most of which are situated within or adjacent to Stockholm’s teaching hospitals. This creates ample opportunities for translational research in which new experimental results are rapidly implemented for patient benefit, and where clinical observations provide a basis for new research ideas. Karolinska Institutet has a very broad, strong and often unique research base in several areas like regenerative medicine, epidemiology and register-based research, as well as in ageing research.