Testa Center

Address Björkgatan 30, 753 23 Uppsala Sweden
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A test bed for production of biological products.

Testa Center is an initiative between the Swedish government and Cytiva to secure the growth of the life science industry and its manufacturing capabilities. The main objective for Testa Center is to bridge the gap from discovery to industrialization.

Testa Center is an open, non-GMP production-like facility and testbed for education, innovation and proof-of-concept experiments for production of biological products, e.g. monoclonal antibodies, peptides and proteins. Testa Center also has capacity for vaccine and viral vector processes needing bio-safety level class 2 environment.

This purpose-built, pilot-scale facility is open to national and international academic research groups, small business enterprises and major industry looking to verify their innovations.

The Center is a research infrastructure for scaling up biological production such as protein production and gene therapy. The facility is designed to be modern, flexible and modular, enabling researchers to perform a wide range of projects covering a complete or parts of a process from frozen cell bank vial to purified protein.

In Testa Center, researchers have access to both equipment and expertise to drive their protein production process from lab bench-scale to industrial pilot-scale, enabling technical runs for scalability, manufacturability or generation of larger amounts of material for research.

The service platform offered by Testa Center is unique in the sense that projects and organizations can work side by side with bioprocessing experts to reduce risk and build knowledge when going up in scale.

Testa Center is owned and operated as a non-profit company by Cytiva.

Detailed information on instrumentation

Testa Center has a comprehensive equipment park ranging from lab to production scale bioreactors, harvest and protein purification instrumentation. For cell culturing, Testa Center offers stirred tank bioreactors from 1 to 500L for mammalian cells and 1 to 50L for microbial cultures. In addition, for mammalian cells we also have a rocking bioreactor platform for up to 25L working volumes. All reactors are applicable for batch, fed batch or perfusion setups.

For harvest, Testa Center has instrumentation for filtration (TFF or depth filtration) and batch as well as continuous centrifugation.

For protein purification the Center offers instrumentation from lab bench scale all the way up to full-scale production including a variety of column sizes.

A complete instrumentation list can be found on https://testacenter.com/instruments/

For more information please send an email to contact@testacenter.com or use our contact form on the web: https://testacenter.com/contact/