REWARD movement reflects EATRIS mission: Increase value, reduce waste

Published 13 July 2016

On average only 40% of drugs are effectively used worldwide and billions of euros are wasted each year in the development of new drugs.

In the Introduction Update of The Lancet, September 2015, David Moher and Rustam Salman present the Reduce research Waste And Reward Diligence (REWARD) movement. REWARD stands for a multidisciplinary approach to drug development and calls upon all actors involved to build partnerships to make biomedical research more effective.

The way research priorities are set, research is designed, conducted, analysed, regulated, managed as well as poor reporting of research that is published leaves ample room for improvement.

‘Increasing value, reducing waste’, is also literally the text in the introduction slides of EATRIS ERIC. It is very encouraging to see that this movement is growing globally and key objectives of EATRIS mission and operations are reflected in the REWARD mission.