EU-AMRI Hosts Side Event at ICRI 2022

Published 22 October 2022

Finding opportunity among health challenges: Allowing the space for Research Infrastructure synergies

EU-AMRI organised a one-hour side event at ICRI 2022, with actual case scenarios in the field of scientific health research. The theme of the side event was “Finding Opportunity Among Health Challenges: Allowing the Space for Research Infrastructures Synergies”, and shined a light on national and international collaborations creating synergies between Research Infrastructures.

The event was opened by Jacques Demotes from ECRIN, introducing EU-AMRI and the current state of development and future steps to take. The floor was then handed over to the Directors of the national nodes of BBMRI, EATRIS and ECRIN, presenting case scenarios where the three research infrastructures collaborate in different projects and settings on a national level. This was followed by an insightful presentation from Lisbeth Olsson, Secretary General for Research Infrastructures at the Swedish Vetenskapradet, on the upcoming Swedish EU Council presidency. The event concluded with an engaged Q&A session that included some thought-proviking comments and questions from the audience and online viewers, moderated by Anton Ussi from EATRIS-ERIC.

With its side event, EU-AMRI wanted to demonstrate how three landmark ERICs can provide complementary services to researchers in the field of biomedical sciences and support the development of personalised medicine and new treatments, on both a European and a national level, as demonstrated by the case scenarios of the national nodes. Together with the insights from a policy makers point of view, the EU-AMRI side event contributes directly to the ICRI 2022 priority topic of “Developing an integrated RI ecosystem”.

The event proved to be an excellent occasion to explore case scenarios in the field of health research where synergies among existing Research Infrastructures lead to more effective research and resilience. The event appealed to a larger targeted audience, and was attended by various stakeholders from European Ministries, national nodes, representatives of other European Research Infrastructures and from the European Commission.

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