EATRIS Sweden visits RISE

Published January 20, 2023

On 20 January 2023, an EATRIS Sweden delegation visited the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) in Södertälje, Sweden. Pontus Aspenström (National Director of EATRIS Sweden) and Ulrika Bäckman (National Co-ordinator of EATRIS Sweden) represented EATRIS on the visit. The meeting was an opportunity to present EATRIS to RISE staff and, in turn, get better acquainted with RISE infrastructures and tour their facilities. All of this came with the possibility of a potential future collaboration.

RISE is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. Through their international collaboration programmes with industry, academia and the public sector, RISE “ensures the competitiveness of the Swedish business community on an international level and contributes to a sustainable society.” Their 3000 employees engage in and support all types of innovation processes. RISE is an independent, State-owned research institute, which offers expertise and over 100 testbeds and demonstration environments for future-proof technologies, products and services.

Pontus Aspenström felt the meeting execution was “outstanding“, and Ulrika Bäckman spoke about the “great opportunities for cooperation in the near future”.

In the photo from left-to-right: Johan Lindberg, Anna Ridderstad Wollberg, Matilda Bäckberg, Sarah Thunberg, Daniel Petersen, Nicolaas Schipper, Charlie Widberg, Pontus Aspenström and Ulrika Bäckman.