CORBEL to be kicked off in November

Published 13 July 2016
EATRIS is participating in two EU projects: CORBEL (Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-Science Services) and RI-TRAIN (research infrastructures training programme ri-train), funded by the horizon 2020 research infrastructures work programme. projects both started on september 1st and will last for 4 years.CORBEL will establish a collaborative and sustained framework of shared services between the ESFRI Biological and Medical Research Infrastructures. This aims to transform biomedical research in Europe – from the discovery of basic biological mechanisms to applied medical translation – through the provisioning of harmonised services, including:
  • accession processes;
  • Unified ethical and legal support;
  • Joint data management; and
  • Coordinated user access to advanced research instruments, facilities and samples.
CORBEL kick-off meeting will take place on November 19 at Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton (Cambridge, United Kingdom). The kick-off meeting will follow the Symposium: Open bridges for life science data (november 17-18), where eatris will also be represented, and open to anyone interested in data challenges and possibilities in the life sciences (registrations are open until november 2).