Biological and Medical Sciences Research Infrastructures (BMS RI) Strategy Board publishes joint statement advocating for coherent roadmapping process

In September 2018, ESFRI published the 2018 Roadmap, identifying pan-European Research Infrastructure (RI) projects to complement the existing projects and landmarks. Each was selected for “their strategic potential and impact for strengthening European research,” with a view to providing trans-national access to unique scientific infrastructure and resources that are not uniformly accessible to the community.
ESFRI RIs are grouped in six thematic domains, including Health and Food (H&F), under which the RIs active in biological sciences, biological resources and medical sciences are listed. As of 2018, the H&F group of RIs is comprised of 10 Landmarks and 6 Projects, 13 of which are represented in the BMS RI Strategy Board, chaired by Anton Ussi, EATRIS Operations & Finance Director since October 2018.

As the ESFRI roadmap matures and grows, the BMS RI Strategy Board believes that a critical success factor is an optimal coordination process that facilitates the input of all relevant actors in the community. This will result in a continued healthy, cost-effective and unfragmented RI eco-system covering the most important areas of biomedical scientific research.

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