This past May (2015) we held our second EATRIS conference entitled ‘Building Bridges in Translational Medicine’. This two day conference, attended by over 250+ stakeholders and key opinion leaders in the field of translational medicine, focused on how to access and mobilise the proper expertise in such a a way that mitigates project risk and optimises translation and drug development.

  • EATRIS Conference Scope:
    Listen to SMEs and the biopharma industry about their needs from academic infrastructures;
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges that beset effective public-private collaboration in biomedical innovation;
  • Learn more about crucial success factors for selection, design, and execution of sound translational research; and
  • Discuss the major operational and technical translational research bottlenecks we should tackle today in hope of improving pipeline productivity tomorrow.

EATRIS Conference library:
View the conference photos here.
Watch the conference videos here.
Explore the conference presentations here.
Download the conference programme and speakers here.

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