Imaging & Tracing

High-end infrastructure for advanced translational molecular imaging to support drug development

The EATRIS Imaging and Tracing Platform provides a single point of entry to high-end expertise and cutting edge translational imaging facilities, defragmenting the scattered nature of technical know-how and making optimal use of resources to improve R&D output.

High-end infrastructure for advanced translational molecular imaging to support drug

With over 35 institutions, the Imaging and Tracing platform covers the entire scope of tracer development and molecular imaging and offers multi-centre clinical trials capabilities with validated imaging-based biomarkers.

Disease-specific tracers, contrast agents and radiolabeled drugs (manufactured to GMP guidelines in certified labs) can be tested pre-clinically and clinically in combination with a full range of high-end multi-modal imaging techniques (PET/MRI, PET/CT, SPECT, ultra-high field MRI, MRS, ultrasound or optical) and advanced image analysis.

Albert D. Windhorst

May 27, 2016

Albert D. Windhorst

Benefits of Imaging for Drug Development:

  • Visualisation and quantification of disease targets and therapy responses help to understand disease mechanisms and enhance the prediction of therapeutic efficacy of new drug compounds.
  • Dose finding studies can be completed faster and with fewer volunteers in phase I, allowing early elimination of dead-end compounds and reducing development times.
  • Projects are derisked at a much earlier stage with decision making in drug development supported by dedicated imaging data analysis centres, allowing quantitative PK/PD modelling, confirmation of the current status of promising drug targets and drugs.

Infrastructure and expertise:

  • High-end radionuclide production and imaging facilities
  • Access to over 75 tracers for preclinical and clinical PET imaging
  • GMP-compliant production and clinical development of novel tracers
  • Ultra-high field clinical imaging for visualisation and quantification of tissues, drugs and therapy responses with various imaging modalities (PET/
  • MRI, PET/CT, US and optical)
  • Key opinion leaders in nuclear medicine, radiology, medical physics, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, in vivo pharmacology and kinetic modelling
  • Radionuclide and tracer production facilities offering the full range of clinical grade isotopes
  • Dedicated hot cells and automated manufacturing processes for GMP compliant radiolabeling of biologicals and small molecular drugs for human application
  • GMP compliant manufacture of optical imaging probes
  • Proof of concept studies in animal models using multimodal and ultra high field imaging techniques
  • Development of novel tracers for in vivo imaging of disease specific markers in drug and diagnostics development
  • Visualisation and quantification of tissues, diseases, drugs and therapy responses using an array of imaging technologies
  • Image acquisition, analysis and integration as well as image interpretation with tracers or imaging based biomarkers in various patient cohorts
  • Support of your clinical trial design and execution in our clinical imaging centres which have years of experience in phase I-III trials
  • Ultra-high field MRI to develop imaging biomarkers for high precision medicine