The Regulatory Science Network Netherlands (RSNN) annual workshop

Date & Time 23 November 2021 at 13:30-17:30 CET
Address Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands &
Location Utrecht and Online

The Regulatory Science Network Netherlands (RSNN) will organize its annual workshop this year on Tuesday 23 November (Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands). This meeting will focus on the ‘upstream’ coordinated, structured and harmonized regulatory framework established at a European level (high level of convergence) transferring ‘downstream’ to individual member states with each their own interpretations (lower level of convergence).

In this RSNN workshop, we explore if and how these differences in downstream interpretation between nations affect the accessibility of medicines and treatments for patients. Are the existing differences undesirable and/or inevitable? What is the view of the stakeholders involved (regulator, academia, industry, and patients) regarding international differences in interpretation of upstream harmonised systems? Specific present day regulatory topics will be presented to elaborate upon this topic, including (inter)national differences in vaccination strategies, ATMP treatment under the Hospital Exemption, and health technology assessment.

More on the event here. Registration is open here.