FIMM meets Pharma Webinar: R&D for pre­ci­sion cancer medicine

Date & Time 22 June 2021 at 15.00-16.30 CEST
Address Virtual

The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) has for several years been spearheading Pharma collaborations from the University of Helsinki. They are launching a new “FIMM meets Pharma” webinar series, which aims to showcase the current scientific frameworks and technological capabilities of FIMM, and spark interest with pharmaceutical partners to initiate new projects and collaborations.  The webinar series will showcase some examples of successful research collaboration between our research community and Finnish and international companies. Interested parties are welcome to join the growing group of satisfied customers and collaborators!

FMP June We­binar: R&D for pre­ci­sion cancer medicine

FIMM has close connections to the Helsinki University Hospital and extensive experience with patient sample deep molecular profiling and machine-assisted analysis. In this webinar, the guests present how FIMM has been able to attract, maintain and increase collaborations with several clinical stage pharmaceutical partners.

More information can be found here.