Defence is the Best Attack: Immuno-Oncology Breakthroughs

Date & Time 9-11 May 2023
Location Barcelona, Spain

Defence is the Best Attack 2023 will be the fourth on this topic. Participants will learn about the most recent advances in immunotherapy, from the basic science to clinical studies, including the identification of novel targets. Topics to be covered immune checkpoints and innate immune response, microbioma, immune cell therapies, vaccines, and biomarkers of response to and mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy. Alberto Montovani (Humanitas University), Tyler Jacks (MIT, USA), and Josep Tabnernero (VHIO, Spain) will give keynote speeches.

Who should attend?
The target audience for this conference is basic and translational scientists and clinicians, both senior and young investigators that want to have a broad overview and detailed knowledge of the most recent advances in the field of immunotherapy.

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